THE EVEREST Leadership Academy
Leadership and academic excellence

- Section I

Emotional Intelligence
- Section II
EQ Components
-Section III
-Section IV
- Section V
- Section VI

Program Curriculum - Videos

Section I - Introduction

1. The ELA 10 Proclamations -by Raymond Sozzi

Section II - Emotional Intelligence

1. Personal Assessment -by Raymond Sozzi
     a. Heroes / Role Models and Why
2. Social Intelligence and Leadership -by Dan Goleman
3. This is emotional intelligence -by Christopher D. Connors

Section III - EQ Components

1. Attitude -by Raymond Sozzi 2.The Skill of self - confidence -by Dr. Ivan Joseph

Section IV - Leadership

1. Great Leadership Comes Down to Only Two Rules -by Peter Anderton
2. The Rarest Commodity is Leadership Without Ego -by Bob Davids
3. Best Motivational Video For Ever For Leadership -by Kiran H
4. How to be a Leader -by Simon Sinek
5. Fearless Leadership -by Frances Hesselbein @ TedxMid Atlantic
6. Leadership Lessons -by Frances Hesselbein
7. Definition of Leadership -by Frances Hesselbein
8. Great Leadership Comes Down to Only Two Rules -by Peter Anderson
9. What it Takes to be a Great Leader -by Roselinde Torres
10. Best Motivational Video for ever for Leadership -by Kiran H
11. Rock Solid Leadership
12. Great Quotes Great Leaders

Section V - Mentoring

Section VI - Miscellaneousss

1. Make an Impact