THE EVEREST Leadership Academy

Our Focus

The Everest Leadership Academy will embrace academic excellence while focusing on developing the tough-minded leadership skills in shaping student’s social character. Excelling in school is only a part of the ultimate solution. We intend to reinforce education and at the same time teach the students how to be leaders in their communities by developing their leadership skills. Education is not just about knowledge; it’s also about developing the social character that prepares people to succeed. The goal will be to provide students with the habits of mind to be able to successfully approach many of the challenges they will face in life.

Who we are?

The Everest Leadership Academy is unique in the sense that it relies on collaborating with existing best-in-class educational reform organizations to deliver on its passion of leveling the playing field so each young person has an equal opportunity to participate early on in life in the resources and guidance to achieve their greatest ambitions.

The Academy embraces the notion that our prosperity and well-being depend on our ability to learn. We have to learn to make a living, how to take care of ourselves, how to relate to others, how to be leaders.

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The Academy’s sole mission will be to promote leadership skills which are considered the more soft attributes which will complement the hard skills learned in the classroom.

Programs consist of Leadership Roundtable Workshops including an extensive curriculum of power point slides and videos reflecting all you need to know about developing great leadership skills in coping with life's challenges. An Everest Opportunity Scholarship program is also available to students based on academic achievement and financial need. Other services including Mentoring, Field Trips and Networking are included in the Workshop programs.

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